Tuesday, April 5, 2011

To Khartoum

After waking up for prayers and breakfast consisting of a few dates and cookies we set off on our way to Atbara with a distance of about 400 Km. We passed many villages with old mud houses and rode along a railroad track that looked abandoned, however we did hear a train last night so may be it is still in use.

When we reached Atbara we didn’t like the hotel there so we decided to move on to Khartoum, but before we did we had lunch at a local restaurant since Hussain wanted to taste Nile fish.

We moved on to Khartoum and reached there near sundown where we stayed at the Rotana Al-Salam Hotel. When we wanted to register we found out that credit card companies are not operating in Sudan, and that our ATM card would not work here either. Luckily we have our cash to relay on in such situations.

We were very surprised by the weather; it was 36 to 37 deg. C with a nice breeze