Friday, April 1, 2011

The Real First Day

We woke up to fined Mohammad Ashkanani (Hussain's Brother) , and Mohammad Abdulhadi had driven to accompany us to Makah for the Omra driving a pickup truck.

We were slow to start since we haven't ridden our bikes for long distances for a while. Preparing for a trip like this takes a lot of time and at the end you still didn't do all that you wanted.

We left around 9 am and by the time it was 1 pm we stopped for lunch and prayers having ridden only 300 km while our target was 800. We managed to pick up the pace and ride a total of 686 km to Afif.

Along the way a group of Saudi's in a big SUV were taking pictures of us on an SLR camera, we posed while riding in formation for the pictures but refused to stop since we were on a tight schedule.