Saturday, April 2, 2011

The Dusty Road to Al-Taif

After staying at a good hotel we rode off around 8:30 after stopping briefly to fill up with fuel and check our tire pressure. It was windy and very dusty for the first 280 km with our bikes tilted against the wind. We were getting sand blasted and had to raise our collar to stop the sand form hitting our necks but couldn't stop it hitting our wrists at that small space between out jacket and gloves.

The last 100 km or so were on the main highway going from Al-Ryadh to Al-Taif were very smooth and we reached the hotel by 1:30 preparing to go to Makah for our Omra.

We left a little late for Makah and it was a little crowded so by the time we ate and got back to the hotel it was around 11 pm.

Tomorrow we head to Jeddah Islamic Port to take the ferry to Sudan where the real adventure begins.