Tuesday, June 30, 2009

To Zhongwei

We went to the Art Museum, which turned out to be a gallery also where we browsed though the different works of art by Chinese artists.

We then went on our way to Zhongwei stopping at check points along the way. We also passed several toll gates. At some places you pay for motorcycles and at some you don't, so when we were waiting in line at one of the toll gates, the lady opened the gate to let us pass since there was no toll for motorcycles. Husain and I passed while the bar lowered while Ali was passing, and it hit the motorcycle and broke. Ali was OK, and the bike had a minor scratch.

We passed many villages, and farm land on the way, and noticed mud rooms build near the fields, we later found out that those were temporary housing for the farmers to rest in the afternoon.

While I was updating the blog, Husain and Ali took a walk in town and took some great photos and a video of Chinese "Dameh".