Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We have Bikes

After coordinating with the shipping agent last night I had all the passports and Carnets ready for him to pick them up in the morning. We relaxed that morning, and I worked on some videos for the blog.

We were in direct contact with the Kuwaiti Ambassador in Islamabad Mr. Aziz Al-Dehani, who sent us a driver to the embassy where we met the ambassador and his staff discussing the events of our trip and plans. The Ambassador was so generous that he invited us for lunch, where we felt the core of Kuwaiti hospitality. At this time the team would like to Thank the Ambassador, and his staff for their full support.

After lunch we left for the hotel and waited, around 5 pm the bikes arrived each on a truck still in it's crate, we then saw how 5 men hand carried the bikes from the trucks to the parking lot. The services from the shipping agent here in Islamabad was top rate the carnets were given back all stamped, and we spent the rest of the afternoon preparing the bikes for our departure the next day.