Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Reaching Wagha Border

After I got up I called the next room where Husain and Ali were expecting them to be up since we intended to leave at 7 am, I had slept late that evening working on the blog updates, Husain picked up the phone and informed me that Ali had not slept yet, and that we will need to leave later after he had a few hours of sleep. We managed to leave the hotel at 10:45 headed for a gas station where we fill the bikes up, and then to Lahore since the border is right after.

I did realize on the map that there were two roads to Lahore, and the embassy mentioned the road to be in great condition. Well what happened is that we took the old road since we were directed by asking, and found out later that the bikes were not allowed on the main highways.

The temperatures ran between 38, and 43 Deg. Centigrade and the road condition varied with traffic that we rode at an average of 80 Km/h. The combination of not ridding for a while and the head really mad us tiered so much so that when we reached the border at 4:50 pm we were glad that it was closed, and in fact it closed at 4:30 pm.

There was a small hotel at the border that we stayed at, and went to see the ceremony for the border gate closing which is viewed by both sides of the border as each tries to tease the other in their marching performance.

We then had our meal, and went to bed in preparation for the next day of crossing the border.