Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Waiting Game

It has been a week since the container arrived and 5 days since we have been here in Perth with no motorcycles . I think this is the first and last time we sea freight our bikes to a location, the difference in price slowly disappears as the money you saved is spent on hotel and transport waiting for your bikes to be freed from captivity.

Last we heard yesterday is that they cleared customs and that they are scheduling an inspection appointment for quarantine. Today we were told that the inspection is completed and that we are waiting for clearance certification. Which we hope arrives tomorrow with our bikes.

In the meantime we are keeping ourselves busy, our first days were spent shopping. A waterproof cover for the Phantom 4 , and video camera bag, microphones . And soon noticed that Perth is one of the most expensive cities in Australia. A bottle of water is 3.95 AUD which is almost 900 fils in Kuwait we don't pay that at restaurants.

We also managed to get out of Perth and visited Fremantle (Frio) and heard about Frio Prison which was open from 1855 to 1991 , and was built by prisoners (Cheap labor) . it was very interesting to see how jail life was and some of the facilities which had not changed in over 130 years. Especially that there was no indoor plumbing and each room had accommodation for two people and a bucket.

We also managed to catch the sunset over the indian ocean with a frenzy of photography action until the sun could no longer be seen.

And since we are all upstream oil guys we visited KUFPEC (Kuwait Foreign Petroleum Exploration Company) offices here in Perth and got to meet Mr. Richard King who is the country manager and his staff , and got to know some of the projects that they are working on.

We also visited the local BMW Motorrad dealer here and picked up Husain's riding suit pants that he had ordered. I hope the bikes come soon , since we are running out of things todo. Yesterday evening we met Simon Mykolajenko, who we know through Sherri Jo Wilkins and is also a bike rider , He gave us some good advice on our route and we all had a good night of storytelling.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

Hello Sunny Perth

Our flight from Kuwait was delayed for about 40 minutes on friday the 12th , with a marathon event going to Husain as he navigates the security regulations to get his Phantom 4 drone on the plan with a request to remove the batteries and wrap them separately. We only found out about the drone when we reached the airport. I was surprised that Ali also managed to get Kuwait TV Channel 3 to shoot a brief interview before we said goodby to our families and boarded the plane.

A stop in Dubai and then a 10 hour flight to Perth and we arrive just after sundown. Airport formalities were easy and quick, and advice given to us from one of the security personnel to stay off the roads during dawn and dusk to avoid the many animals on the road.

Today I got up reluctantly due to jetlag and wrong number phone call at 2 am that kept me up. We are staying at the Holiday Inn city center situated near all the fun stuff. We took a walk towards the river and started to hear enticing engine noises. After further investigation what we suspect was true , there was a makeshift track near the park and we got to see some nice cars running as fast as they can.

We wanted to get sim cards for our phones since it makes no sense have roaming charges. looking online there are three network with many virtual networks running. I checked the coverage map for each provider and found that Telstra has the best coverage for what we needed, even though they are a little more expensive that the others (about 15 AUD per month extra).

Tomorrow we call the clearance agent and find out when we can get our bikes.

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Always Expect Delays

I told a friend recently that we never had a trip gone as planned , There are so many unknowns that you need to be flexible enough to go with the changes. But this time it's new , the change happened before we left. I found out yesterday that our bikes will be a week late. This is why Air freighting is a good idea unless you are flexible to move your plans a week which we are and hence we will start a week later than expected .

That said we plan to start our journey from the west (Perth) and go east (Brisbane) we are also looking at renting bikes in New Zealand for about a week to ten days since shipping them from Australia will be time consuming and we rather be traveling than going through the process of shipping the bikes and clearance.

Monday, July 4, 2016

OMG we will sea frieght

Well since we have decided to go on our next trip to Australia starting this August 2016 , I have been dreading getting the bikes ready for shipping especially since it is very hot now in Kuwait and it takes a fair amount of work removing parts from the bike and securing everything.

So I suggested to Sea Freight the bikes since we have about a month before we start with the condition that the container can be tracked.

And so we managed to save our selfs some money and pain and just put all three bikes in a 20 foot container to Perth with the expected arrival of the 3rd of August about 3 days before we arrive. We managed to finish all the paper work today and get the bikes on their way.

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Getting ready to Ship

Yesterday we managed to visit Sandra & Javier at DakarMotos and hand over all the required documents for the shipping. We also managed to get the bikes cleaned in preparation for the boxing up at the airport that we did today. All in all they were very organized. 

The wooden pallets were ready for us , all we had to do was disassemble some of the bike , we usually remove the front tire ,windscreen , and lower the handlebar to reduce the volume and subsequently the cost.

It was a bit hot in the warehouse and when we finished we had to wait for the bikes to be inspected before we could leave.

We managed to visit the Kuwait Embassy yesterday and take pictures with the staff Mr. Fawaz Al-Qahtani, and Mr. Nabil Al-Mulla ; who invited us this evening for dinner at a local middle eastern restaurant.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Finally arrived in Buenos Aires

Well the ride was nice although we did get into traffic which is expected in a big city like this. Along the way I felt something hit my neck it started to sting , with the bugs flying into my helmet I believe it could be a bee that stung me.

It started to get uncomfortably hot and I was tired of riding and happy that we are almost finished form out trip , it has been two months of adventures and its time to get back home.

We made reservations at a boutique Hotel and got ready to meet Sandra & Javier at Darakmotos with all the papers to start shipping which they mentioned would take 3 to 4 days.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

To Sierra de la Ventana

As usual all we are doing at the moment is getting to Buenos Aires to ship our bikes and finding interesting places to stay along the way we started riding inland and the scenery started to get greener and wormer since it is summer here now.

Sierra de la Ventana is a small wood cabin kinda town with many specialty shops and good Ice cream. We enjoyed walking around town at night and experiencing this laid-back place.