Wednesday, September 14, 2016

The Whales at Eden

We left Sale yesterday on the princess highway heading north to Eden , the weather was a mix of sun cloud and rain all within riding distance of each other.

A short break for coffee and and we were on our way reaching Eden around 3 pm , We inquired about the whale watching tour and were told to call back tomorrow at 8 am since the weather was unclear.

We walked into town for dinner and though that the local Fishermen's Club would be open but found out that they opened at 6 PM ( Note to self alway call to make sure when things are open). After a nice meal we walked back to have an early night in since we were very tired.

In the morning the Innkeeper called the tour company and we were in luck, the winds they were expecting were no more and the tour would start at 9 am for 3 hours. We arrived early and found a nice restaurant nearby for after the cruise.

We didn't have to go out much before we started to see water blowing in the air and the sight of humpback whales migrating, a few even gave us a show and after a while our cameras were filled with videos and pictures.

Afterwards we had lunch and the restaurant and found out that Eden had recently become the best place to see whales in Australia. Since today was a rest day we did laundry and just chilled getting ready for tomorrows ride into Canberra.