Friday, September 30, 2016

The tides at Westport

Waking up at Franz Joseph was peaceful and serene with the backdrop of the mountains we had breakfast in house with Ali's preparation of breakfast. Our bikes being parked at the door of the room were packed easily and although there was some drizzle we rode off north along route 6 which is mostly a coastal road.

We wanted to visit Pancake Rock which also had blowholes when the tides is in unfortunately high tide was at 11:20 and we would not get there until 12:45.

Furthermore the seas were relatively calm and so when we arrived all we saw was very nice views and rocks that have been carved up by the waves and weather. The walk took about 30 minutes and then we had our coffee break before continuing on the other 60 km to Westport.

At the motel we decided to make a shift in our plans and ride early tomorrow to take the ferry to Wellington and spend two nights there instead of riding to Picton spending the night and then taking the ferry the next day.

Making the Ferry reservations was easy but the hotel reservations were much more difficult since most of the hotels and motels were booked. I tried different sites, and even call a few places just to make sure. At the end we had to settle of a high end hotel that would cost more.