Monday, September 19, 2016

Putty to Quirindi

It was a dry sunny day when we left Sydney heading north. A few days ago we met a guy who mentioned the Putty road and since we value local knowledge we decided to try this road on our way today. and After a many kilometers of traffic and lights we hit Putty road which is infamous for Sydney riders.

Midway we stopped for fuel, tea and coffee and found out that there is an accident almost every weekend from motorcyclists that push their bikes too hard. We also met some other bikers who were riding Ducati's and enjoying the twisties.

We reached Quirindi late in the afternoon, and while I was making hotel reservations for tomorrow and sending emails to secure our motorcycle shipping, Ali took a stroll around town and taking pictures of the sunset. We later went to a local pub for our dinner and decided to visit a local cafe for tomorrow's breakfast.