Friday, September 9, 2016

Possums in Lake St. Clair

The forecast was for mostly rain here in Tasmania but we were fortunate yesterday to have a very nice day. today was different since it was drizzling all morning. The GPS took a while to get us out of the city, Then we continued the nice curvy roads going north.

We stopped for a fish burger about 6 km from our destination. And after the meal we were talking to some people and they turned out to be BMW riders as well with praise on the roads ahead it was just unfortunate that it was almost always overcast and drizzly.

I was looking for a place to stay yesterday and found Lake St. Clair by accident. it is in a National Park with rented cabins. And has the highest ferry service in Australia since it spans the lake which is over 700 meters above sea level. It also has it's own micro climate since the forecast for in a couple of days is snow.

Once we arrived we weren't sure this was the place since the visitor center and the reception and right next to each other. We saw many backpackers and hikers coming back from their trails. The cabins were luxurious and we think the restaurant is good unfortunately we didn't get to check it out since the chef was taken to hospital and we were stuck witht the Cafe menu which wasn't bad.

At night possums came out to play in front of Ali's cabin we had no idea what they were until we checked the next day with the visitor center. They would climb the trees and I am sure I hear one on the roof of my cabin.