Thursday, September 22, 2016

Hello Gold Coast

Yesterday we woke up to the sound of rain, and admired the view while birds start to play.

We had breakfast quit early and left with haste, since the rain would delay us reaching the place.

Of sun and beach and warmth all the day , the Gold Coast is where we wanted to stay.

On the highway there was a thought in my mind, where is my phone did I leave it behind?

At the next rest stop we inquired and all was revealed,  my phone was in fact 150 kilometers from here.

The Hotel patrons called back with an idea in mind, "We'll send it with a courier you should have it in time".

A fuel stop later and while we rest, we met some locals with some interest .

Many questions were asked and we replied, We like making friends who wave us goodbye .

We will ship our bikes home and in three days receive,  new rented motorbikes in New Zealand I believe.

For now we will enjoy the Gold Coast with it's sun , who knew this place would be so much fun.

Beach walking and shopping , and souvenir hunting all with kids week events and tram hopping.

We peaked out our windows and guess what we found? A member of the biggest bike group in town.

Tomorrow we must deliver our bikes in Brisbane and catch our 6:30 flight.