Friday, August 26, 2016

The painful road to Warakurna

After a self made breakfast we left Warburton early and headed down the Great Central Road , we were told that the rough part would be at Dock River so we expected the road to Warakurna to be fairly good.

For the most part is wasn’t bad except certain areas where there was no clear track and the gravel made everything slippery . There roads are unforgiving for motorcyclists since they run on the clear path of previous vehicles and avoid the gravel heaps on each side, but the track is very narrow and needs concentration if you look at anything else or get distracted you veer off and once your front tyre catches that wobble you go down. 

It seems that’s what happened to me since I don't recall how I started to wobble but once I did it got worse and I flew off the bike at around 90 km/h . One of the panniers was dislodged and all the contents scattered all over the road. I was mostly OK nothing broken just bruised and strained with my right knee and my left ankle both I believe got twisted. The left pannier was off the bike scattering its contents all over the road.

The guys picked up the bike and gathered the pannier contents , Ali kicked the pannier back into shape, we mounted the pannier taped up my helmet visor ( two screws missing) and continued to on a much slower pace to Warakurna Roadhouse. Once we reached there we filled up with fuel and I asked the attendant about the road ahead. He stated that the road was pretty bad for the next 100 km , and then it gets much better. It took a while for me to start moving again not only was I in pain but also exhausted from the ride with many sore muscles. I tended to my injuries and we all had a meal before they close for business at 5.

Tomorrow if all goes well we continue to Yulara and Uluru (Ayers) Rock.