Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Always Expect Delays

I told a friend recently that we never had a trip gone as planned , There are so many unknowns that you need to be flexible enough to go with the changes. But this time it's new , the change happened before we left. I found out yesterday that our bikes will be a week late. This is why Air freighting is a good idea unless you are flexible to move your plans a week which we are and hence we will start a week later than expected .

That said we plan to start our journey from the west (Perth) and go east (Brisbane) we are also looking at renting bikes in New Zealand for about a week to ten days since shipping them from Australia will be time consuming and we rather be traveling than going through the process of shipping the bikes and clearance.


  1. Be sure to stop in Alice Springs and look up Werner Stevens and Claudia Stabel. They were in SA when you were there. I rode with you in Peru. Dave Wills http://redhedsmototravels.blogspot.ca/

    1. Thank you David , we will do that . Ride Safe

  2. werner-steffens@web.de is in Alice Springs. Local Knowledge and RTWer.

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