Monday, January 7, 2013

To go or not to go ?

We took the bikes into the dealer and met other travelers from Ecuador and Australia. We were thinking of changing out tires but there was enough tread for the rest of the journey which we estimate to be around 4000 km.

We took Ali to the dentist and me and Hussain went shopping. When we got back Ali stated that the infection was serious and that he had to take another course of antibiotics.The only option is to remove the implant and Ali wanted to do it in Kuwait so again we are looking for shipping out of Chile and hte end of the trip for Ali.

For me and Hussain we have mixed feelings. The trip wouldn't be the same without Ali, and coming back is a very remote possibility.

We visited the Kuwait embassy here and met MR. Bader Al-Sager, Mohammad Al-Zammel , and Mr.Ahmed Al-Dhafiri. We had such a good time that they treated us for dinner.