Saturday, December 22, 2012

Up and Down to Cusco

After a restful night in Hotel Tampumayu we headed on route 3 for about 289 km to Cusco which kept going through mountain-passes which made us go up and down with a big difference in temperature from 10 Deg. to 27 Deg. C. Stopping several times to put on or take off the jacket liner.

But the scenery was amazing and the roads were nice and twisty until we reached a big valley full of farms and villages.

We reached our Guest house not knowing where it was just that as per the map it was here. We then found the address and a door leading to a courtyard which had another door to the Guesthouse which had a local rustic style to it.

We parked our bikes under a shelter in the back and got to meet the owner. We like staying at there small local owned Hotels. you really get great service, and you also get a sense for the locals.

Tomorrow we venture out to visit Machu Picchu.

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  1. Good morning all. Wow this rout seems the best as per your description. How do you communicate with local? ما شاءالله you all look well and slim and all I can say Good luck with the rest of your trip. The bi-gist news in Kuwait is that سوق الحريم احترق فيه ٣٥ محل، اول يوم السنه الجديده. Take care and May God go with you.