Friday, December 21, 2012

To Tampumayu

As per our new plans we left Nazca on our way in the direction of Cusco but to stop at mile marker 361. Why because that is where the hotel is, the one recommended by the guy we met at the BMW dealer in Lima.

The rout was great especially for our tires since riding the Pan-American highway was creating a flat patch, and we wanted round tires which we got via the mountainous rout that got us more than 4500 meters above sea level. With little oxygen and getting really drowsy, I had to let Ali become the road captain since I couldn't talk until we got down to a sensible level.

The last 40 km it started to rain and then we reached the hotel, and it was just us no one else is here especially since it is not tourist season.  There is no internet and our phones didn't work. So it was time to send messages through the SPOT Connect just to tell everyone that we were OK.

Later after dinner a couple came in who were from Germany driving a camper heading in the other direction.


  1. Good morning all, and a happy new year to you all. May 2013 brings you health, happiness and wealth and off course return home safe and sound. So Mohand could not talk at 4000m altitude, what a way to stop him telling others off !! You all look well and that enjoying your adventure. May God be with you all along. Take care

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