Monday, December 10, 2012

To Banos

We left a little late since is wasn't very far to Banos from Quito. We also found a screw missing from Hussain's wind shield so we wanted to find the BMW Dealer but got lost in the traffic so we decided to go to Banos and find a replacement screw there.

The route on the most part was uneventful many villages along the way and construction with diversion. We reached the hotel around 2 pm and we were happy that we get to spend two nights at the Samari Hotel and Spa.

 It was peaceful, quite with a big garden and the smell of old wood you would find in a museum. with many antique items all over like old typewriters , pianos, and a barber's chair.

Banos is right below a volcano so tomorrow we will go and take a dip in the hot volcanic springs.