Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We have our first visa for the trip

Well here we go again on another crazy adventure, this time it is to South America. We have been actively planning for the past two months and are even taking Spanish classes twice a week. Since many come to this blog to know what to do I will start blogging early and once a week until our departure date which is expected to be the 1st of December.

We plan to start from Bogota the capital of Colombia and head south along the western side of the continent to Ushuaia in Argentina. To answer the two most common question we are getting, yes we will be air freighting our bikes to Bogota, and no we didn't get the 800GS because we just didn't feel right leaving our trusted 1200's behind. We did however find a new tire that could help which we will be posting about in a later date.

Today we are in Abu-Dhabi, and the reason we are here is that there are two countries along our route that don't have embassies in Kuwait they are the Chilean Embassy and the Colombian Embassy. So we decided to take a couple of days off to apply for our visas. Both Embassies were very friendly and supportive, bu the issue we had was finding the location of the Colombian Embassy since it is new and there was no reference online to where it was. It took us two hours to get to the embassy by calling them and asking others for direction since the current GPS maps are really out of date. Below is the location of the Colombian Embassy in Abu-Dhabi. It is on 19 street which is off of 32 street between 7 street and 9 street in Al-Bateen area.

So finally we have our first visa for the trip now we have to get the others......