Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Monkey Attack

After the morning prayers I restarted the camp fire so that we can cook out breakfast. We then took down our tents, packed our bikes and headed for the Botswana, South African Border where we spent the night at the Kwa Nokeng Lodge.

We each took a Chalet and Ali went and got us lunch where we decided to eat on one of the picnic benches in front of Ali's Chalet. While I was getting something from the bike a woman who works for the lodge shouted something at me but I wasn't sure what she said until she pointed to our food and the monkey on the table. I quickly chased the monkey before he could take our food. Later while eating the monkey brought his friends about 5 and they surrounded us trying to disorient us and then take our food. We soon took our food and went inside Ali's Chalet to eat.