Thursday, May 26, 2011

On to the Old Farm House

We were excited today since we were going to a highly recommended lodge called the Old Farm House in Kisolanza Tanzania, and on the way we would pass the Mikumi National Park where we could see some animals.

Before the park we got to see baboons on the road and then after there was a sight "Don't feed the Baboons" later we found out that cars and busses sometimes throw food out the window at the baboons and the baboons start running to grab the food even though there might be another car headed for it, or in our case motorcycle.

We entered the park and got to see an elephant, giraffes, zebras, and gazelles. We stopped at the side of the road to take some pictures and then continued on until we stopped for some dates when we saw a couple on Kawazaki KLR 650s who went past us and then mad a U turn and came back.

They were Nick and Kristine from Durban - South Africa just starting their round the world trip. They were just at the Old Farm House lodge and said it was a great place.

We got the lodge and were very impressed we all got cottages with great decor a terrace, fireplace, and space for the motorcycle. The whole lodge was running on solar power and the water was heated by fire wood. We met people who organize trips in trucks going through east Africa and showed us their vehicle and setup.