Monday, April 11, 2011

To Debre Markos

We hadn't filled any fuel since Sudan and we needed to fill up to reach Debre Markos which is only 255 km from here. It turns out that there is a shortage of fuel in Ethiopia and that in Bahir Dar it is getting rationed which meant that we had to go to a government office to get a slip to get some fuel and we were only permitted 10 liters each.

At the station Ali and I fill 10 each, and then when Hussain went to the pump it was out of fuel, so we went to another station and got only 5 liters for Hussain before it also went dry. We were told that there would be fuel after 84 km from here but we discovered it was after 170 km.

At this point the landscape was beautiful it was as if we were riding in France or Switzerland only the people were much poorer and had a darker complexion. The donkeys and livestock were all over the roads and in all directions which made our pace slower even though the roads were very good.

We left Bahir Dar around noon, and arrived in Debre Markos at 4 pm.