Friday, April 15, 2011

Lovely Awassa

We left after having a god breakfast, and briefly visited the Kuwait embassy before fill up with fuel and leaving for Awassa. In the beginning there was too much traffic with many trucks blowing dark diesel smoke everywhere, when we got out of the city it was better with many hills and prairies to see.

Hussain saw a mosque so we decided to stop and pray, we met the locals and they recited some Quran to us since it was also a Quran school. When we wanted to leave we had some trouble starting the bikes. The sound is one I have not heard before it was as if the engine was turning without any combustion. Only when I had the throttle fully open that I sensed the engine coming alive. We believe that the fuel in Addis was not good or was mixed with something else.

We continued another 30 km to Awassa and entered the biggest resort that overlooked the lake it was named "Haile" after a famous marathon runner who owns it.

There were many types of birds there, and people were fishing. We had fish for dinner and rested for the next part which is going to Yabello.