Wednesday, August 19, 2009

To Senigallia

I found out today that Italy and Rome have a holiday that is quite long, the BMW dealer stated that the show room is open but the part department is closed, so I cannot buy what I need to fix the mudguard.

We visited the embassy again, and met the Ambassador Mr. Waleed Al-Khubaizi, and his staff. The Ambassador was kind enough to give us a comment, and directed us to visit L'Aquila on our way to Senigallia where an earthquake struck four months ago.

We left around noon, and stopped in L'Aquila and visited with the head of the Italian Red Cross camp, and found out that there are still 50,000 people living in the camps, some without homes, and others with homes that they are afraid to move back into since they expect that another earthquake this year.

We arrived in Sinigallia around 4:30 pm, and waited for Husain's Friend Mr. Renzo Rocchetti who he met during his ride in 1977, and had kept in touch with but has not seen him in the past 32 years.

Renzo was kind enough to show us the small town of Senigallia and after dinner gave each one of us a medal, and a plaque from the Senigallia Motorcycle Club.