Monday, August 17, 2009

To Pisa

After a rough night's sleep due to the noise in the streets on a weekend, we headed to Pisa Italy. We knew that there would be many tunnels that we would pass through on our way so we decided to count them.

The tunnels ranged in size from 200 meters to 9 km. I started to get dizzy after 80, and had to stop to rest after 110. Luckily we only had two to go which brought the total to 112.

We reached Pisa in time and have pizza at the leaning tower of Pisa for dinner.

At the hotel Husain noticed that my rear bumper was a little shaky, and upon inspection we found that the bolt had sheared a third time. We will try to visit a dealer in Rome to fix it.


  1. Hey guys, good to see u this far, 2 weeks ago u were with us in Washington and New York, now you are getting closer to home. We are excited for your return to Kuwait … but do not rush .. Enjoy your journey … rest and have long sleeping hours, God bless you, our Prayers, and Ramadan Mubarak,
    مبارك عليكم الشهر .. الله يحفظكم .. ونشوفكم على القرقيعان انشاء الله بالكويت.
    حسين البيرمي. أمريكا

  2. Salam to all. Well, your posted video of the( نفقات )is the best so far. Bu LuLu's face tells story when he is cheesed off. I look forward to see your daily bulletin and going to miss the same when your venture is over(don't you fancy to go around the world twice?). Take care and may God go with you. Bu abdulrazaq

  3. I am in awe of this awesome adventure that you guys took on. I hope to be able to get a few of my biker buddies together and do a similar ride one day. I'll start saving up now. Thanks for sharing guys.