Friday, August 7, 2009

To Niagara Falls

We left Hoboken where we were staying around 8:30 am headed to Niagara Falls. Along the way we went past some industrial areas until we reached the highway.

Around mid day we reached a stretch of road that was perfect for a motorcycle it was curvy with new asphalt going up and down hills while going through beautiful scenery.

While on the way the oil warning light on Husain's bike went on, so we stopped to find the oil level low. We topped it up then went on our way. We crossed the border, and reached the Motel after sundown.


  1. Wish you all the best ,......

    We all miss ya, looking forward for the welcome ceremony

  2. You guys look like you having a great time.Last time I was in Hoboken , I had the best Pizza ever.Uh & it is good that BMW has a low level oil sensor which comes very handy on long trips when one may overlook little checks.

    Of course your posts are a little behind while I know you are already in Europe.Is it my computer that is not picking your posts on time ?
    Bu Masoud

  3. Salam to all. Tracking services tell us you are staying in Megev overnight. You are bringing back memories of 2006 tour. Are you staying at the same hotel? Take care and God bless. Bu abdulrazaq

  4. Yes the posts are delayed since I didn't want to put every thing at once. Bu Masoud.

    Bu Abdulrazaq no beth has a full house so she got us into another hotel that belongs to a friend of hers.