Sunday, August 16, 2009

To Megeve via Geneva

We left Dijon the same way we entered, as celebrities, with the last person asking me where I was from while waiting for the red light to turn green.

We headed to Geneva and visited the fountain, then went to a Turkish restaurant for lunch.

While I was in Paris I called Beth who runs Le Gai Soleil hotel in Megeve, a hotel we stayed in when we visited in 2006, but unfortunately she was fully booked, so she managed to get us rooms at another hotel that belonged to a friend of hers.

While in Megeve Ali and Husain visited a guy they met when they were in Megeve in 2007 that owned and rode vintage bikes.

We were also fortunate that today was the last day for the Jazz festival that is held here very year.


  1. Salam to all. Today is Friday the 21st( انعم الله عليكم بالرضى و سهل لكم امور الدنيا و رزقكم حلالها وكف عنكم اّذاها و رزقكم راحه البال و سعادة الدنيا و الاّخرة اللهم آمين) . Megeve video brought back good memories. Now that you have altered your travel root it is advisable to visit Cappadocia on your way from Bolu to Adna.It is 70 km west of Aksaray. It is a historical place with wonderful sceneries . Take care and may God go with you. Bu abdulrazaq.

  2. Salam to all of you & mobarak alaikom al shahar.
    Now Myra & I are realy jealous, we wished we were really with you in Megeve ;) safe trip back god speed.