Monday, August 3, 2009

To Cleavland

We got up late since we slept late, and after breakfast I found out that the Travel Agent does a routine check on credit cards, and contacted our bank to verify the hotel charge. The bank stated that they couldn't verify the charges so all our reservations were canceled.

After clearing every thing up we were on our way to Cleavland. In the afternoon I got really tired being sick I stopped at a rest area and slept for a hour to regain some strength.

At our last stop to fill fuel Ali was met by a couple John and Carol who were very impressed by our trip. Carol was a photographer and took very nice pictures of us at the gas station.


  1. Good morning (ثلاثى المرح(ماشاءالله. For your information AL WATAN newspaper (Eng)also published the full article ( Indecently, it is worthwhile noting that your English speaking followers can not share your joyful conversation in your posted videos, so make them interact with you every now and again . Meanwhile enjoy your trip in Europe. God bless and keep you safe. Bu abdulrazaq

  2. Still following ... allah ye7afithkom

    guys thanks for the bunch of videos on youtube,,

    Osaimi is posting them on facebook which is nice too, we love ya'll good luck . looking forward to see the europian videos

  3. Looking good.

    Just got back from my vacation and looks like you guys are on track - keep it up and take care of yourselves.