Saturday, August 22, 2009

To Bolu

Our Target for today was the town of Bulo in Turkey, today we leave the European continent, and enter Asia again. We left at 8:00 am and headed to the Greek Turkish border where the line to enter Greece stretched well past the Turkish side of the border. people were honking their horns in protest to how long it was taking to enter Greece.

We reached Istanbul in the afternoon, and stopped at a rest area for lunch. We also met a Turkish couple who were riding, we also found out that today was the first day of Ramadhan here, where the first day in Kuwait would be tomorrow.

After lunch we headed off to Bolu, and arrived at sundown where we had to take our own bags in to the rooms since the whole staff were having Futoor (breaking their fast).The Hotel staff recognized Ali and let us park our bikes in front of the reception.


  1. I see you had the same bad time at the border this time too, I think they will always have issues ;)
    Please keep posting up to when you reached Kuwait, I think most of your friends you made around the world would like to read it to the end.

  2. Days and people i would never forget...

    انتو مثلي الأعلى