Thursday, July 30, 2009

Going to Yellowstone

We woke up really early since we knew the ride was going to be through nice country however it was a windy 12 Deg C which was more than what we were prepared for, so we stopped and put on our cold weather gear.

Also I managed to book two rooms in Yellowstone for the same day which is very difficult since it is usually sold out, as a matter of fact all the camp sites were sold out and all we could find were these two rooms overlooking yellowstone Lake.

We entered the park from north entrance, and and stopped at the natural hot water springs which some smelled like rotten eggs or Sulfur, and to us oil company workers (H2S).
We continued our ride through the park and reached the Park Ranger Museum, and found out that originally the army stater patrolling this park in the late 1800s and early 1900s to stop poachers from killing the animals,and preserve the wilderness.

On out way to the hotel we were confronted by a buffalo in the middle of the road, and later witnessed several along the way, every time on was seen the traffic stopped while tourists took pictures.

We reached the hotel around 6 pm, and found out there was no internet, TV, or cellphone reception. So we slept early.