Friday, July 17, 2009

Getting lucky

Yesterday we were informed from our agent in China that our bikes will not arrive on the 15th as planned but will be delayed one day and will arrive on the 16th. So we visited the local Harley shop here and waited since we expected that the bikes would not finish customs until the 17th.

This morning we made all our phone calls, and found out that the bikes will arrive at 1:00 pm, so we visited The Motorcycle Shop where our bikes will be serviced, and then went to the airport to finalize the customs, and delivery logistics.

The customs officers were supper friendly, and it took 45 minutes to complete the paperwork which is a record fast time for us. We had the bikes in the shop 4 hours after the plane arrived ready for the crating to be removed. The Motorcycle Shop will start working on the bikes tomorrow.