Sunday, June 7, 2009

The high road to Paro

We got up early as planned , and left Phuntsholing at 8:15, The road we were going to take upto the first checkpoint was not open due to a land slide that was a result of the heavy rains from cyclone Aila. So we had to take a longer alternate route.

About 50 % of the road was in good condition, where the rest was medium to bad, ranging from broken up asphalt to gravel.

Around noon we stopped at a Hotel for some tea and coffee when it started to rain. After our break we put on our rain gear, and continued until we reached a muddy pass that was being worked on. We had to go slow since the bikes were not equipped to handle this much mud.

Once we got about 25 Km from Paro the roads got much better, but we were tired from the bad roads, and decided to stop and take a break for a few minutes, then continued on until we reached the hotel at 4:30 which has a great view of the valley.