Sunday, June 21, 2009

Easy Going to Sakya

After the very long riding day yesterday and the rough roads we decided to get up late and take our time going to Sakya since it was only a 3 hour ride on good roads.

On the way we looked back at Mt. Everest and took a picture before going through a pass 5250 m (17480 ft) above sea level. Although Ali and Husain wanted to stop to take a picture, I decided not to since I was already having trouble breathing and didn’t want to put myself in a worse condition.

We then descended until we stopped at a gas station to fill up. Once we were done a group of bikers some on BMWs noticed us and rode in to the gas station to say hello. It turned out to be an edelweiss tour through Tibet so we started our biker chat.

We then went on to Sakya, parked the bikes at the hotel, and then visited Sakya Monestary.

Unfortunately internet access to our blog has become difficult here, and so has access to youtube which is the reason for uploading the videos on the blog only.


  1. All the best to you.. safe ride.. Kuwait is following you.. Keep us proud..

    Looks like you not passing by Xi'an. Its a beautiful city and the land of Terracotta warriors.


  2. AnonymousJune 29, 2009

    Hi Guys, we still fowling you in your site and in our hearts. This is amazing to watch you passing through this part of the world. Pictures that would not come to our image taken in by our beloved ones. Some of my American friends here in the US are impressed with your adventure. God Bless you, our prayers for you, be safe,
    الله وياكم ويحفظكم
    حسين البيرمي – واشنطن
    Hussain Albairami, USA

  3. Well done Guys, hope to see soon, Muhanad I miss you.