Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bike Maintenance

After Breakfast we took our motorcycles to get their oil changed, Husain wasn't feeling well so Tashi one of our guides rode his bike to the repair shop where we managed to get semi synthetic oil for our bikes from one of the bike clubs stock.

While we were changing the oil a Tibetan girl who spoke English told Ali that her father wanted him to see his motorcycle. Ali agreed and followed the girl and her father. He entered a small courtyard filled with bikes a 4x4, then he found out that the Father owned a Hotel that catered to motor enthusiasts.

Ali told the father that we all needed to see the place once we finished with changing the oil on all our motorcycles.

When we entered we found that owner had wildly decorated the hotel as a mix of Auto , Tibetan, Nepal, and some European. He had two bars, and each room was decorated differently. He also had a room for group motorists with bunk beds and lockers.

He gave us the grand tour, and told us that many motorcyclists know his hotel, and make a special effort to stay there. Had we known we would have stayed there as well.

We then took the bikes back to the Hotel, and had lunch at a Muslim restaurant.

We then went in town to see the souvenir shops, and took a bicycle taxi to the Potala Palace, which had 400 steps to get inside.


  1. AnonymousJune 30, 2009

    Salam to all. Wow, good for you for experiencing various cultures and living chines history. It appear(ماشاءالله) you all have lost weight and look healthy. JJ asking,how was the food in the Muslim restaurant? Take care and God bless you all.
    Bu Abdulrazaq

  2. Thank you Bu abdulrazaq for your lovely comments we look forward to them. The food was not bad, but got better as we got closer to Beijing.

  3. As I saw today July 2nd that you are not very far from Bejing.... I am tracking the trip on spot and it is my default web page,,,, it shows every few minutes your prgoress,,
    there was a time when it stopped moving ,, meaning that you did, i asked the guys here they said you turned it off, it was a relife to hear that,,,, good luck to all

    We are looking forward to see the rest of the trip..
    Allah ye7fethkom
    Khaled Abueljebain

  4. AnonymousJuly 13, 2009

    I am looking forward to seeing you and your friends this evening. Thank you for making a plan that would allow that. Your adventure has become everyone elses!

    Love, Aunt GG

  5. My Dear Muhannad. You are home at last. Among all of your ladies who missed you so!! Good job. I love you. Aunt GG