Friday, May 29, 2009

The Road to Delhi

We decided to get up early so that we can make it to the Kuwait embassy before they closed. we managed to leave at 8:30 am in the direction of Delhi with nice weather most of the way through. while passing one of the towns we made the mistake of not taking the overpass road, and ended up in mid traffic. The problem is that once you are stuck in traffic the temperature starts to increase rapidly both for bike and rider.

It took us a good hour to reach the embassy from the outskirts of Delhi, at first we relied on people giving us direction, then we hired a taxi to show us the way , except he didn't know exactly were the embassy was , and got us in the general location where by accident we met an Indian on a small bike who worked at he embassy and showed us the way.

After meeting Mr. Khalid Al-Yaseen, and Mr. Jamal Al-Shehab, they assisted us in locating and reserving a hotel, and also had a driver show us the way. We were exhausted that day from the heat, and I decided to go to bed early so that we can leave while the weather was pleasant in the morning to Agra