Friday, May 22, 2009

More Issues with Shipping

Although we were told that at 8:30 the crew would work on crating the motorcycles, and that it would take only one to two hours to finalize the shipping we noticed that they didn’t know exactly what they were doing even though on the first day when we spoke to them we explained what needed to be done. We received a phone call from the shipping company stating that the crating will start at 10:30, and that their initial attempt at crating was week, and they needed to get bigger pieces of wood to insure that it could handle the load.

We arrived at 10:30, and there was no one there, we waited for 20 minutes making phone calls until the supervisor showed up and another 40 minutes until the crating crew with the wood made it into the hanger. We then realized that they intended to use steel belting to fasten the bikes to the crates, as Ali put it "They think they are crating fruits?". Once we explained that they needed to have proper tie down belts, and where to put them, they had a better idea.

We decided to leave them and come back in a couple hours since it was time for prayer and lunch. When we got there we found one motorcycle (Mine) already crated, I also realized that there was at least 20 cm of space between the steering bar the top of the crate which is dead space that they were going to charge me for it. After a lengthy discussion they agreed to minimize the space for the other bikes and not touch the one they finished since it was already mid afternoon, and they needed to send the bikes to the airport for the freezing period before the flight.

We also noticed that the fan in the workshop was working fine for the crating crew, however when we were working on our bikes we were told it was not working. After making sure that the other bikes were properly strapped in we left for the hotel for a well deserved rest praying that the bikes would make it on time in one piece.