Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bike Prep for shipping in Dubai

After getting up all sore from the long ride the day before, we contacted the shipping company and rode our bikes to their warehouse where we started to prepare the bikes for crating. We needed to minimize the volume to reduce the cost of shipping, so we removed the mirrors, windshield, and top box, we also moved the CB radio as well as the GPC bracket. We also removed the battery and stored it in the panniers. The warehouse was hot with no wind draft, not even a working fan.

By the time we finished we were exhausted and left the warehouse for the Hotel. We also found out that there was some miscommunication regarding the shipping since the shipping company was under the impression that we were going to clear the bikes customs our selves. We managed to get that sorted out and expected to see the motorcycles being put in crates the next day.