Saturday, December 15, 2012

To Huaraz

When we were in Cali Colombia we met a guy who traveled to Peru and recommended Huaraz as a destination since there are many natural attractions with white peak mountains and off-road
tracks to enjoy so we decided to visit on our way to Lima.

We started the day on the Pan-American highway then started down an off road track towards Huaraz. we then caught a bridge and crossed over to the main route which after about 30 km turned into an off-road track. all the way until about 90 km from Huaraz that it was asphalt again.

We are getting used to stopping for lunch at local establishments and so we had a break at a local restaurant before reaching Huaraz

We estimate that we rode almost 120 km off-road today so we decided to take a break in Huaraz tomorrow and have a small city tour and tend to the bikes.


  1. Good morning all. Al hamd Le Allah 3al salamatcom. Talking about rain and how wet you were, well , I think part of that dark cloud that you were describing came to Kuwait, it was pouring all night.So Kuwait is wet and lovely. Enjoy your adventure and your off-roads as same is the best and enjoyablr rides in any adventures. Take care and may God go with you all along

  2. الحمدالله على سﻻمتكم من هالرحلة الي مهند وهقكم فيها اشوة ما طلعلكم واحد يحز رقابكم في النفق ههههههه