Monday, December 27, 2010

Sponsored By Al-Watan Media

We got invited to be guests on the night show called " Tow Allail" "توالليل"  on Al-Watan TV to talk about our round the world trip , and our upcoming Africa Adventure.

During the interview one of the interviewers announced that he just got a call that Al-Watan TV will be our media sponsors for the Africa Adventure Trip........Wow that was a great surprise.

We were asked how would any one contact us for sponsorship, well there is contact email on the side will be checked regularly.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Supporting Solar-Aid

While looking to give back to the world through our adventures we came across a novel idea in Solar-Aid that captured the main two issues facing our plant today which are climate change and global poverty. Solar-Aid helps to combat both by bringing clean, renewable power to the poorest people in the world. 


Barely 2% of rural Africa has access to the electricity grid yet many regions of Africa have the highest levels of sunshine in the world. Solar-Aid works with these remote and disadvantaged communities, helping them tap into an abundant source of free, clean and renewable energy - the sun!

Solar-Aid works in rural areas across East and Southern Africa; installing solar on schools, community centers and clinics. This is known as macrosolar