Thursday, October 14, 2010

We have GPS maps for Africa

On our Round the World Trip we had to rely on paper maps as well as a GPS since Garmin doesn't have maps for all the countries we were traveling in, and we didn't have the time to find third party maps that would work. Well I just purchased and installed all the maps I will need for our trip to Cape Town form one source "Travel By GPS" it has all the main roads as well as some facilities.

Do you need A GPS? Well not really if you have paper maps and have time to navigate the crowded streets of a city. I rather have one than not, and I will be taking one paper map of the whole of Africa for reference.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Part 2 Africa Adventure 2011

So after careful calculation on how much vacation time I have in 2011, and how long it would take to get to Cape Town from Kuwait, We decided to implement part 2 of our adventures which is Kuwait to Cape Town with a tentative date of 17th of March. Believe it or not but the initial route took only 3 days to finish, route refinements are still going on. We did however finalize the countries we will visit and I will be posting each country and what we expect to see.

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