Friday, July 31, 2009

To Rapid City

So far the rear seal has held up (الحمد لله),All thanks go to the staff at John Valk's in Vancouver for doing an excellent job, special thanks to John, Rusty, and the lady mechanic who fixed it.

After breakfast, and while packing I got a phone call from Ali to go check out the bike. it was covered in frost, the morning dew along with below freezing temperatures created a white sheet of ice on the seat and windshield.

We left early since we wanted to reach Rapid City before dark. We passed through the east part of the park, which was as breathtaking as the rest of the park, and met many bikers along the way who were interested in our travels, and asked if we were attending Sturgis, which is a big annual bike rally in Sturgis South Dakota.

When we reached Rapid City there were more motorcycles on the streets than cars and the rally officially starts on the 3rd of August, 4 days away.