Sunday, August 2, 2009

To Madison

We got up early today since we were camping, and packed up to go have breakfast in Sioux Falls. I didn't sleep well due to the noise at the camp, and I am feeling sick.

We targeted Madison Wisconsin as a stop on our way to Washington DC which is our next point of interest. The winds did die down, and there were less motorcycles on the other side by the time we reach Madison.

When I got to the hotel I was told that my reservation was canceled by the travel Agent I deal with, but luckily they had vacant rooms available. It was late so I decided to check with the travel agent the next day.


  1. Salam to all.I think the best of your posted videos are the ones that your voices are heard. I hope Bu LuLu has recovered, however I am surprised he could not sleep that night! (he is the guy who can sleep on a washing line + noisy surroundings). Enjoy the rest of your trip and take care. God bless you & keep you safe. Bu abdulrazaq

  2. Mohanad, I guess that tent is what they call Morrocan Tent's ....

    Amazing,, how the rooms ervice in that hotel :)

    Keep it up good luck and enjoy ..
    allah ma3akum.

  3. It is strange how my post get posted at a diffirent time than the time appears beneath it..
    take this post for example. now it is 9 am date is August 12th 2009

    now look at the bottomof this post and see the time ???!!!! confusing..


    hello everyone this is what the alanbaa wrote about the guys check out the link ////

  5. Thank you bu Faisal for the link, they were the only ones who printed the whole Kuna report